Can you use Microsoft Access Database Applications in Large Organisations?

Is Microsoft Access Good for Large Organisations?

In previous blogs, we have already covered the powers of Microsoft Access and how it outperforms Microsoft Excel when it comes to the management of large data sets. However, the question on everyone’s mind is, is this still relevant for large organisations with hundreds of employees? Or would It be better if we just purchased an off the shelf database management system?

Well, so far, we already know that Microsoft Access can handle large sets of data in a matter of seconds while accompanying simultaneous users, so what is the issue about?

The key question that I get asked a lot, is that in order for our access database applications to work, we need hundreds of licences, and this will cost us a fortune!

You will now be glad to hear that you don’t need licences to run the database application at all.

What I would suggest, is purchasing only a few Microsoft Access licences for those who will be editing the applications and using the backend data. For the front end users, you are able to download a Microsoft Access Runtime from Microsoft directly, which will allow you to run the fully functional access database application on your desktop without any restrictions or licences required.

So you do not need hundreds of Microsoft Access licences to run access database applications. You can now do this using the Microsoft access runtime. Search and download your runtime from Microsoft directly.

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